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About the breed


The origin of the Kurzhaar is closely connected with the emergence and establishment of the short-haired continental birders - the European brethren, which were mainly used for hunting game birds. They had a lot in common both in terms of performance and exterior.

According to the basic theory professed by most cynologists, continental birds first appeared in the Mediterranean countries - Italy, Spain and France, from where they settled throughout Europe. They are used mainly for hunting birds of prey (falcons). It was this hunt that gave impetus to the development of birders throughout the region, and after the advent of firearms hunting, they spread throughout the continent.

Many German experts believe that the Kurzhaar originates from local aboriginal birds. In proof of their thesis, they present the Old German marriage from the Württemberg area or its variant from the Göttingen-Spielberg region.

Source: kurzhaar-bgclub.com